"His Word in our heart changes our walk"

The God of the Miraculous :
Amazing Things Happen When We Believe

This book by Samuel McKibben is available in both digital and paperback form and is well worth reading. Prepare to see the awesome power of God at work as Samuel relives his life's service to the Lord, encountering his provision and strength every step of the way. You'll feel encouraged, inspired, and most importantly of all, confident in the God of the Miraculous.

The foreword by Dr Andy Adam tells us:

The Christian life is the most thrilling experience on the planet! Tragically that's not what churches teach today or what most Christians believe. As Samuel McKibben says, "We are living in a day when truth is being eroded and standards are being lowered lest we cause offence".

"The God of the Miraculous" is a powerful countet-blast. In 60 years ministering from Dover to the Shetland Isles and in 15 other countries, Samuel has seen miracles of salvation, healing, deliverance, protection and provision. God's hand preserved his life at birth and has protected him repeatedly on the roads. (He drives 28,000 miles a year in the Scottish Highlands).

The book can be purchased from Amazon in Paperback or Kindle editions.

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